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Stress Buster

Stress and Anxiety Management
In today's world it is so easy to let stress and anxiety take hold. Modern lives leave us no time to relax, clear our thoughts and simply recharge. We have become so used to stressful lives that we think it's fine, until it all gets on top of us and we start to experience physical and emotional signs of stress. Maybe you are starting to feel overwhelmed, emotional unable to cope? You can't understand why you feel this way, you think you should be able to 'just get on with things' and this only adds to the pressure!

We all feel anxious at times, it’s a normal response when we are in a situation which is stressful. Short term stress can be useful in certain situations - it can give us the motivation to do things, or keep us free from danger. For some people, anxiety becomes so serious that it interferes with their day-to-day lives.

When we become very anxious, we begin to feel threatened, we may not know why, it is a feeling of unease, worry, fear, dread.

Fear is a normal response to an active or imagined threat, like going to an interview, or having a driving test, but sometimes we don’t know why we feel anxious or distressed.

When we are anxious, we may experience a range of symptoms, because of the bodies’ fight or flight response, due to the release of a stress hormone, adrenaline. The fight or flight response is a normal, healthy response to stressful situations or danger. However, when it is activated over and over in response to perceived dangers, it become a problem. The subconscious mind can't understand the difference between a threat that is real or imagined, and will act the same way to both. So something relatively harmless like work stresses, can result in the same physical responses as if we were faced with a real danger or physical threat, such as being chased by a raging bull!

You may have feelings of fear, you may sweat, have a rapid heart beat, a rise in blood pressure, tense muscles, trembling or shaking, dry, tight throat, difficulty in swallowing, rapid breathing, nausea, feelings of desperation, and may have a strong desire to run away, you may have tingling in the limbs, fear of fainting, or difficulty sleeping, or concentrating, and may feel detached from the world. So feeling anxious can not only affect you emotionally, but it can also mean you experience unpleasant physical symptoms.

I can provide help with stress & anxiety either in group sessions or one to one therapy.

One to one sessions - I can work with you to better understand the causes of your stress & anxiety. Together we can find new ways to deal with stresses and anxiety. I can teach you relaxation techniques that you can use to help you feel calmer and more in control. Through hypnotherapy, we can re-train your mind to have new, better responses to stressful situations.

You may need anything from one to approx four sessions, depending on your situation and how you feel.

Stress Buster Relaxation and Stress Management Course - A course over four weeks, one session per week for 1.5 hours in a group setting. Here you will learn how stress affects your body, ways to cope, relaxation skills, and experience deep relaxation & hypnosis in a friendly, safe, informal atmosphere.

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“Faye was amazing and really helped my confidence”

“Faye had a great approach, she was easy to talk to and share experiences”